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Kaitaia exhibition for all types of artist

27 October 2017

Kaitaia  ArtTrails NZ
This year's Far North Art and Craft Fair in Kaitaia aims to encourage the community to get creative.

Organiser Jen Gay says the popular two-day exhibition - which has run for the last 40 years - will feature artists from all over the Far North along with live music, demonstrations and food.

Potters, fabric artists, weavers, felting, mosaic, painters will all be showing their best works at the Dalmatian Hall Kaitaia on October 28 and 29, she says.

"The idea about this one is that it's free to get in and it's about encouraging the community to be more creative.

"Creativity is good for the community's health...lots of people are bored and they just need something to do.

"If you knit a tea cosy that's fantastic, we want to see it, it doesn't matter what you make. We are all creative, you just need the chance."

Air brush artist Colin Unkovich from Pukenui, is showing a mix of landscapes, coastal landscapes and some figurative work. They will include paintings of landscapes from all over New Zealand including some from the Far North.

The keen surfer who moved to the Far North from Waipu Cove about 18 months ago, says he's inspired by the region.

"When you're an artist you look at things a little bit differently, things other people take for granted.

"The light's completely different up here, it's got something to do with the fact there's not a lot of land mass to absorb any refraction so the light is more like in the Pacific Islands, it's quite harsh, and brighter."

Unkovich has been a full time artist since 2007 and air brushing since late 70s.

The self taught artist says he's looking forward to the exhibition, which will be his first exposure in the area.

He describes his work as having a "calming effect" because of the smooth colour blends and transitions of colour.

It's the first year Gay, a mixed media artist, has taken on the organiser role.

"It's going to be good, we've got all the right ingredients, and good live music. It's also going to be good for artists to network."

The exhibition is free and is on Saturday October 28 from 10am-6pm and Sunday.