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New Zealand's unique creativity has grown from a marriage of diverse cultures and pure Kiwi ingenuity.

Armed with your Art Trail Map, printable from this site, you can easily visit galleries, museums and artists' studios, which provide a perennial glimpse of New Zealand’s artistic and creative endeavours. The idea of this website was masterminded by a well-known New Zealand artist as a helpful tool to further showcase New Zealand creativity to the world as well as provide an online community for artists and art followers.

This site features galleries, museums, and studios of New Zealand artists who open their doors to the public.

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If you enjoy finding your way around art trails as much as we do, then this site is for you, simply click on one of the pins on the NZ map and follow the link to the Google Art Trails map of the region or go to the arts trail page. Once you are on an arts trail, menu or pins indicate the locations of the venues and clicking them provide details. Using the maps on this website as a guide, you will meet some of New Zealand’s creative community, openly friendly and happy to showcase their home-grown art to you.

Up to date print-and-go – simply click on a map, resize it for the area you wish to explore, print out and go. OR, if you wish to use your mobile phone with internet access, it’s even easier, what a creative way to explore New Zealand. We will aim to keep this website as accurate and as up to date as possible however with a constantly changing art scene it will require constant updating, we apologize if from time to time some errors may occur. If you spot an error, we would really appreciate if you would let us know to allow us to correct it.

Visiting On a cruise ship? Easy. Before you sail into a New Zealand port, simply print out the map for the port you are visiting, work out a walking tour (or taxi ride) and jump ashore and enjoy yourself.

New Zealand artists, galleries and shops are happy to welcome you, but please note that they have specific opening times, others prefer a phone call or email to ensure that they are open.

Artists and gallery directors – if you would like to be listed on an art trail, please fill out registration form. If you don’t already have your own website or are frustrated with the one you have, please visit our website page for exciting options and start one today.

We offer registration for all New Zealand art societies and art groups and tutors, click here to complete a registration form .

If you note any errors on an artrail, please email us - we would love to hear from you.

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