[ 30/01/2020 ]
Applications open for NZ Art Show 2020

 [ 22/11/2019 ]
Wellington Art Club Annual Exhibition

 [ 21/11/2019 ]
'Curious' - Exhibition of Botanical Art

 [ 2/11/2019 ]
Kapiti Arts Trail 2019

 [ 1/11/2019 ]
Splash® 2019 — Watercolour New Zealand's Annual Exhibition

 [ 26/10/2019 ]
The Kelliher Art Trust Touring Exhibition comes to Akaroa

 [ 30/09/2019 ]
Rotorua Museum Art Awards 2019

 [ 20/07/2019 ]
Bernadette Parsons Haast Exhibition

 [ 19/06/2019 ]
Parliament is seeking applications for art exhibitions

 [ 29/03/2019 ]
WAI -Manga Maha, Awa Kotahi-One River Many streams

 [ 27/03/2019 ]
Exhibition of Botanical Art: Unusual and Intriguing plants

 [ 27/02/2019 ]
Art About

 [ 26/02/2019 ]
2019 pattillo whanganui arts review

 [ 3/11/2018 ]
Come to Creative Kāpiti for the 2018 Kāpiti Arts Trail

 [ 1/11/2018 ]


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Applications open for NZ Art Show 2020

30 January 2020

Applications are now open to the NZ Art Show, one of New Zealand's premier art events and a hub of artistic curiosity for more than 10,000 art lovers each year.

“We exist because we want every New Zealander to own a piece of original New Zealand art,” say organisers.

Jason Courtis, otherwise known as roOm, partner Holly Thomas, and Holly Tong and Runa Kuru made up four Gisborne artists who exhibited, and sold, their work at the NZ Art Show in Wellington last year.

In 2019, more than 10,500 people walked through Wellington's TSB Arena doors, and bought more than $1.3 million in artworks — a record in the show's 16-year history.

“The quality of the artwork showcased at the NZ Art Show is comparable to any of the international art fairs,” said the show's executive director Carla Russell.

“It's encouraging that thousands of New Zealanders see the merit in attending the NZ Art Show and have the confidence to invest in art and the arts community.”

Queen's Birthday Weekend 2020 | TSB Arena Wellington
Gala Evening: Thursday May 28
Show days: May 29–June 1

For more information and an application form, visit https://www.artshow.co.nz/artist-applications-for-2020-show-open/))