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Wharepuke Sculpture Park – Sculpture opportunities

1 December 2017

Attention Sculptors

Wharepuke Sculpture Park – Sculpture opportunities/exhibitions and proposals

The Wharepuke Sculpture Park accepts submissions and proposals at any time throughout the year. There are no deadlines for submissions

One of the key questions we ask at Wharepuke is ‘What feed’s the artist?’ and with this in mind we welcome proposals for sculptural works, events, pop-up shows etc.


  • Proposals are on-going – Artists can propose work, submissions or ideas at any time during the year.
We negotiate with each artist individually to realise accepted proposals and projects and design time-lines accordingly.
  • Projects can be 3D, sculptural, installation, sound, video etc. Proposals can be made at any stage of the working process, i.e. we are happy to hear ideas, concepts etc. and then to work collaboratively towards realising them.

Sales/Exhibition Time

  • Accepted works will be guaranteed exhibition at Wharepuke for a minimum of 6 months from time of installation unless sold or ephemeral or otherwise temporary in nature.
  • If a work is sold, then that artist will have first refusal to propose replacement works (though there is no guarantee of acceptance) – works may be sold within the 6 months’ time frame.
  • Works can stay for more than 6 months however after 6 months the artist may remove the work or the curators may request removal or changing/refreshing the work. Ephemeral works can remain for their life-span. The curators can request works are removed if they begin to deteriorate beyond reasonable expectations – i.e. if they become too untidy.
  • Exact time frames after the initial 6 months will be flexible and decided through consultation.
Artists are responsible for delivery and removal of works to and from Wharepuke.
Artists, in consultation with Wharepuke, are responsible for arranging transport of sold works to buyers.
There is no insistence that works are for sale – this is up to the artist
If works are for sale 40 % commission will be added


  • There is a printed guide book that can be taken around the trail as part of the entrance fee. This is designed to be flexible and easily changed as the works change within the park.
Artists are offered a presence on the Art Park web site and Facebook page for artists and their work including features, links, images etc.
  • Artists with work in the sculpture park will have free entry for themselves and immediate family for as long as they have work in the park.