[ 12/09/2020 ]
The Surrealist Art of Alec MacDonald

 [ 28/08/2020 ]
Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards

 [ 15/08/2020 ]
Arts Canterbury

 [ 18/06/2020 ]
The Christchurch Art Show Is Going Online!

 [ 1/05/2020 ]

 [ 22/11/2019 ]
Wellington Art Club Annual Exhibition

 [ 21/11/2019 ]
'Curious' - Exhibition of Botanical Art

 [ 2/11/2019 ]
Kapiti Arts Trail 2019

 [ 1/11/2019 ]
Splash® 2019 — Watercolour New Zealand's Annual Exhibition

 [ 26/10/2019 ]
The Kelliher Art Trust Touring Exhibition comes to Akaroa

 [ 30/09/2019 ]
Rotorua Museum Art Awards 2019

 [ 20/07/2019 ]
Bernadette Parsons Haast Exhibition

 [ 19/06/2019 ]
Parliament is seeking applications for art exhibitions

 [ 29/03/2019 ]
WAI -Manga Maha, Awa Kotahi-One River Many streams

 [ 27/03/2019 ]
Exhibition of Botanical Art: Unusual and Intriguing plants


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Come to Creative Kāpiti for the 2018 Kāpiti Arts Trail

3 November 2018

October 27/28 and November 3/4
The Kāpiti Coast District Council has led the event for the last 17 years, and was recognised for the event in this year’s Local Government New Zealand Excellence Awards, as a finalist in the “Best Creative Place” category.

The Kāpiti Arts Trail was designed to showcase the significant creative talents in Kāpiti, both established and emerging artists, to the regional and wider community.

Each year, more and more Kāpiti Coast artists take the opportunity to welcome the public into their studios to experience the artists’ working environment and their passion for their art. This year, the number of participant artists and galleries topped 100 for the first time.


Echt Studio - Whetū van den Oever

Whetū has always been fascinated with animals and nature. She captures the essence of nature by zooming in on details and conveying the mercuriality of colours. Fascinated and attracted to the extraordinary, she digs deeper into the wonder of nature with every painting. This leads to both abstract and figurative paintings using mixed mediums. In turn, her work glimmers with quiet reflection and explodes with vibrant colours, multi-layered and honest, explicit and vague.

Kāpiti Arts Trail: 11 Ruru Road, Otaihanga, Mobile: 021 211 0228

Website: www.echt.nz

Artscape Gallery

Local Arts Cooperative featuring range of contemporary and traditional art, in a range of mediums: textiles, clay, natural fibres and including paintings by Rod Graham (clay works), Robynne Fellows (textiles), Sherryle Le Chaundeler (paintings, photography, mixed media), LeeAnne Green (natural fibres), Kevin Haste (clay-works, mixed media), Bronya Claire (paintings), Liz Falconer (paintings), Warren Baillie (steel work).

ArtScape Facebook

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