Introducing Stephanie Crisp, Contemporary Artist

Painter, printmaker, fibre artist, teacher and commissioned artist from Lyttelton

You develop over the years, you have a strong sense of form, you have a desire to record put paint down on paper you want to draw things you see things differently you have to be open to looking at something and finding something beautiful about it...

I'm Stephanie Crisp and I'm a working artist. I've always painted. In fact, art has always been part of my everyday life.

There was always paper, paints for me as a child. The school I went to didn't have a an art program so I'd never really thought of going to art school. So it was just a progressive thing that happened and I just learned very quickly to see beauty in ordinary things. I eventually went to Teachers College got into teaching and ended up teaching art for many many years. I learned off the students and they learned off me.

When I think about my own work apart from taking the beauty of some of those students, some of the way they saw things, I did always have a strong structural feel about my work, and you can see that in some of the port paintings - you know I love architecture, I love looking at buildings, I love light and shade, but at the same time I love the freedom of putting paint on to a knife and creating art that way.

I get my ideas from day-to-day life. I like strong color. The tools I use are brushes, palette knives (I love palette knives!), my hands sometimes... I'll use anything paint on. Anything that can sustain an image - I'll use.

To me art is my passion, it's a way of expressing myself when I'm feeling lonely or down or happy, that will put me back on the right track.

My favorite subjects to paint, I think, the boats. I saw in newspaper once a photograph of a fishing boat and I've still got it! It must be about 30 years old and that has formed the basis or the template for a lot of my work the shape of that fishing boat just beautiful...

Please visit Stephanie Crisp's website to view her artwork.

Stephanie Crisp together with Adrienne Pavelka (watercolours) are the guest artists for November at Artspace Gallery, Petone.

Adrienne Pavelka & Stephanie Crisp Exhibition

Exhibition Season: October 31 - November 27, not to be missed exhibition showcasing watercolour & acrylics works of two award winning artists-friends from Lyttelton.

Open 7 days 10am - to 5pm. FREE entry.

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