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November 7, 2017


Adrienne Pavelka: "’s that last sliver of light on the side of a hill that gives me a buzz..."

Watch short video and read about one of New Zealand top artists, Adrienne Pavelka Read more...

November 7, 2017

Introducing Stephanie Crisp: "to me art is my passion..."

Stephanie Crisp paints in strong acrylic colour to create stunning paintings with well balanced and exciting compositions. Her paintings are bright and happy and often tell stories of places she has travelled to and areas she has lived in, one of her most popular being her recent boat harbour series. Her beautifully constructed paintings are sometimes delightfully enhanced with collage and use of embroidery. She has taught in secondary schools for many years and now teaches small groups and workshops.

November 1, 2017

Artspace Gallery Invites

Introducing 'Art Stories' - a series of short documentary films Martin Warenczuk about New Zealand artists and their artwork. Read more...

September 1, 2017

Otautau Gallery sells its biggest watercolour painting

This is possibly the largest watercolour ever painted in New Zealand: 2.1 x 1.3 metres! This painting by John K Reed will be on display at the Otautau Gallery until the end of the year. Read more...

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