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Elsby Sarah

Address: Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 021 2244827

I have recently returned to Auckland after living in Melbourne, Australia for 7 years. While I was in Melbourne I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art [Hons] in painting at RMIT University.

My work is Abstract and has been influenced by the Expressionists. To me, Abstraction has similarities to music, with all its rhythms, pauses and expressiveness, and with an ability to create strong feelings.

My paintings usually have some sort of significant shape that might suggest something biomorphic or architectural. The ambiguity of these forms is important, as I’m not after representation but rather I want the viewer to experience the free associations that may come from looking at the images, and the feelings that follow.

I think about what I’m going to do before I start on a painting, but then try and work intuitively, enjoying the process and allowing each stage to suggest the next step. The properties of watercolours allow for staining, spreading and drying in unpredictable ways, which provides opportunities to incorporate elements of chance. This is more about knowing when to stop and recognising a serendipitous moment!