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Adrienne Pavelka on Art Trails NZ Adrienne Pavelka is one of New Zealand’s favourite and most sought after watercolour artists. Her inspiration and compulsion to paint in watercolour is charged by the effect of light on the landscape and the atmospheric patterns of the sky. Using colourful flowing washes and transparent colours, she endeavours to simplify the forms and shapes of the land to create enthralling paintings. She has a unique ability to eliminate the detail then simplify and emphasise the effects of the sky's rhythms and light on land or reflected water. Her inspiration is often just a simple sliver of light on the edge of a shadow or a cloud, or a glowing colour on the horizon. She uses big brushes and gallons of pure colour to achieve clean fresh paintings that are a joy to view. Read more
Stephanie Crisp on Art Trails NZ

Stephanie Crisp has a unique and recognisable style. She paints in strong acrylic colour to create stunning paintings with well balanced and exciting compositions. Her paintings are bright and happy and often tell stories of places she has travelled to and areas she has lived in, one of her most popular being her recent boat harbour series. Her beautifully constructed paintings are sometimes delightfully enhanced with collage and use of embroidery. She has taught in secondary schools for many years and now teaches small groups and workshops. Stephanie lives in Lyttelton on the Peninsula, an area she loves and is constantly inspired by.

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